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Saint Soldier is a warrior for peace. 

His album trilogy comes to a close with Karma.

Saint veers from his previous path of activism

to be reflective and personal. In this album,

Saint Soldier leads us into a conversation about

the music industry, ourselves, and the identity

of self. “I went from wanting to change society

to wanting to help the individual.” 

“10 years ago I felt like changing the world for the better was an objective of mine but I began to lose peace in that. If I can’t find peace in myself, I can’t give peace to others. I became reclusive. Now I just share what gives me peace.”


Infinity, Duality, and Karma. Why a trilogy and what do they mean?

“Karma means to act or to do, the act of doing. It’s connected to the ego and sense of self. The three albums are a cycle and a trilogy.”

“Though these albums seem to say it as it is, there’s such an infinite depth to understanding that you can never truly know. That’s why this body of work is summed up in 3 letters; I.D.K.”

Karma is set to drop June 20th and will be available on all streaming platforms.